AZFOREL - Rebranding Consept

  • "AZFOREL" LLC is one of the most important enterprises in the region due to the importance of fish farming. AZFOREL, the largest fish processing and processing enterprise in the Caucasus, is located on the shores of the Shamkirchay Water Reservoir for its production capacity and prospects. The enterprise will include fish-breeding ponds, fish processing plant, incubation area, caviar production and feed production plant.

    In the incubation field of "AZFOREL" LLC, foretells are grown and transferred to cages in special conditions after reaching a certain stage. During the day, the fishes fed in the special regime and natural feeds are transferred to the fish-breeding and cultivation area after reaching a certain weight. The main purpose of the enterprise is to export the caviar and fish products produced to many foreign countries under the brand Made in Azerbaijan.