PH-L4000V Redesign_Smart watch

    remake design

    PDF Haus 15the project
    Designed by Kikang Kim

    We are remaking the concept of watch focusing the camera as shown the concept of celluler phone by 'Pantech& Curitel'. But the problem is that it is not available to use both hands freely and control the complicated operation and handle the large equipment using thermal imaging camera. It is possible to use a thermal imaging camera as an watch. Taking pictures in a quick and easy manner using both hands will be also available
    It is possible to take pictures  creating a 'special condition' as the cellular phones specially featured in taking pictures and filming.

  • As the size of the thermal imaging camera is big, shooting capability using both hands on the spot will be difficult. Therefore, the action will be under restrictions and the distribution rate is quite low due to the high formation of price range. To solve this problem, we got to collect and investigate the related data which have a connection in integrating the camera into smart watch. Finally, we made a conclusion that the thermal imaging camera can be integrated into smart watch
  • We can power on and off the camera by just pressing the button to simplify the camera's operation using strongly rugged quality for
     outdoor use on the whole.
  • To prevent from overheating, indoor leakage of the product in the field of industry, it enables the firefighters to find an ignition point and it
    helps to save a life with the introduction of UI of thermal imaging camera.
  • When the projectile seems to be overlapped, we can adjust the focus with the help of dialing.
  • PDF HAUS is a practical product design educational institution situated in Korea.
    PDF HAUS, which started from a designer community called PDF (Product Designer's Forum), was able to sense the difficulties that students, designer-to-be or new designers, or other non-majors interested in design are going through, and the passion in them.
    So, This led to the project PDF HAUS.
    Just like the name Product Designer’s Forum, experienced designers take part in projects of practical designs through their know-hows and advice. For quenching thirst of design to People of diverse fields, we are trying to educate "designing for practical design."
    Designed By Kikang Kim with PDF HAUS
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