• We are happy to share another project for MTV Argentina! 
    MTV TUS 20 is a tv program where you can vote in your favorite music video to watch it.
    Our crew created the opening of the show and also broadcast package.

    Client: MTV
    Company: Consulado TV
    Creative Direction: Consulado
    Coordenation: Mauricio de Andrade
    Direction: Consulado 
    Storyboard and Color Script: Bruno Medeiros
    Art Direction: Bruno Medeiros, Tiago Calliari
    Character Design: Tiago Calliari

    Motion Graphics: Thais Macedo
    Motion Graphics Support: Júlia Hermini
    Graphic Pack Animartion: Diogo Aso, Rodrigo Nascimento 
    2D Animation: Fernando Finamore
    Sound: Nelson Guedes - DJ SMILE

  • Storyboard
  • Animatic

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  • ColorScript
  • Character Design

  • Styleframe

  • Graphic Pack

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  • Design Exploration

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