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    Produced by: Hi atelier
    Designer: Ihor Havrylenko

    Salamp it is a pendant lamp with one light source made in modern style. Stainless steel is used for creating the main shape. The fastening parts (upper and lower panels) made of light wood, which has a distinct texture. Also can be made of veneer. The lower panel is stretched with linen fabric, which helps lighting become more warm and muted. 

  • Yes, they are under the ceiling of the planetarium, which is now in every space while we are having dinner in the center of the metropolis or later when we’re having breakfast in a quiet suburb. Salamp - the very dome of the planetarium, under which you want to be, heal feelings, sights, kisses, goosebumps.

  • 'Combination of dramatic metal and laconic form made a great product to fall in love.'

    — Ihor Havrylenko, designer

  • 'Minimalistic in form but sporting an aged finish, it also seems historic yet modern. For contrast, accents of raw wood and linen provide warmth and a touch of natural appeal against its cold industrial frame. DO want!'

    — Troy Turner, Yanko Design

  • A lot of things related to this project. It very much reflects our team character. Therefore, when the design was finished our new important question became: what to call this lamp? When you look at the bottom of the lamp and add a little imagination, you can see the silhouette of the Planet.

    'Where «Sa» means Saturn.'

    — Ihor Havrylenko, designer

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