DOXA Festival | Film Festival Identity

  • DOXA Festival — Film Festival Identity

    The doxa festival is a three-day film event that takes place in different spots in the city of Buenos Aires. the festival will be installed in several sites, which will offer the opportunity for attendees to see a list of well-selected films in a unique and unforgettable setting.

    doxa is a festival of avant-garde cinema which proposes to expand the perception of reality and juxtapose the world of fantasy together with the one of ordinary activities. Focused on cinema, the festival is imagination and misguidance. It tries not only to tell a story, but dive into certain psychological, magical and hidden ways to find new breakthrough formulas in relation with the totally conventional cinema.

    for the project, I have not only designed the concept, but also the identity of the festival (1st level: logos, posters, program and information board), workshops (2nd level: posters and flyers), exhibitions (3rd level: posters, brochures and flyers) and merchandising among other things. Hope you like it!

    I participated with the festival in a contest at the 4th Biennale of Design of Argentina in the category "Institutional Identity", and I am thrilled to announce that my project was the winner, very proud to have participated with such talented designers!

  • main logo and configurations — 1st level

  • posters — 1st level
  • program — 1st level

  • information board — 1st level

  • workshops — posters and flyers— 2nd level

  • web — desktop and mobile

  • merchandising — tote bag, pins, tickets, stickers, pens, a notebook and postcards

  • The BID MEETING is a platform for reflection and debate of the Ibero-American community of Design Teaching Centers, convened by DIMAD within the framework of the Ibero-American Design Biennial (BID).

    I had the pleasure to be called to participate as one of the emerging talents to highlight the future designers with this project! The festival showcases different instances that end up being understood as a huge system without the need to have the same decisions.
  • For any freelance work, feel free to contact me ✂

    thanks for watching!