• <Salvation>

    SAMAEL is my second personal animation project. I always wanted to make an animation of a religious theme, and I finally realized it today.

    I tried to have as many mythological metaphors as possible in the film, such as the SAMAEL of the snake skin and the Asmodeus of the sheep head. This faint hue is based on the MUSE Main titles of Fernando Domínguez Cózar, which is a stunning film.

    In this project, I took a brand new workflow, used Substance Designer to customize some special textures, and used Substance Painter to draw textures on the model. This is really two great software!

    Finally, I hope that you can enjoy this work.

    Let us see you next time, thank you.
  • Inspiration: FRAIL,MUSE Main Titles
    Tool:Cinema 4D /Substance Painter / Substance Designer / Marvelous Designer / DAZ Studio / Octane Render / AfterEffects /  Premiere / photoshop 
    Producer / Designer / Animator : Isidora shana
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