Google Home Hub – Welcome Video Illustrations

  • G O O G L E   H O M E   H U B  –  W E L C O M E  V I D E O

    Design & Illustration

    Luckily, I had the chance to collaborate with Snowday Studio again, on a new Google in-product animated video, 
    developing some illustration to help explain the powerful technology of Google Home Hub.

    I developed a series of illustrations that show how Google Home Hub can connect to other devices in your 
    home since you wake up and start your day until you it’s time for bed.

  • Client: Google
    Agency: Snowday
    EP: Joshua Buoy
    Project Manager: Lydia Pavach
    Creative Director: Avery DiUbaldo
    Art Director: Rinee Shah
    Designer: Nuria Boj Negrete
    Animation: &Orange Motion Design

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