• "Syre really just came to me one day. 
    I didn’t know what I was going to call the album, but one day it really really came. I don’t know what happened. 
    It was like a switch—from one second to another, my whole life switched. I realized that Syre was the answer, what I had to move forward with.

    People love to just talk about me by name and say, "Oh, Jaden Smith this, Jaden Smith that." 
    It’s time for a new awakening and a new consciousness. "

    "Anybody who thinks they know me, this album is something completely different from what they think."

  • If you're a ship, I'm 'bout to wreck it

  • Look, are we in Colorado (Wait)


  • Look, are we in Colorado (Wait) or at Mardi Gras?

  • I just need me a model, reincarnation's the motto


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