WHIPLASH - Art Direction

  • Whiplash
    |ˈ(h)wipˌlaSH | noun |
    'A jerk or jolt, typically to cause injury';
    'Move suddenly and forcefully'.
    A battle for the body.
    Whiplash - a one-man show by award-winning physical theatre artist, poet, and comedian Scott Wings. A meditation on toxic masculinity, love, the human form and mental health, in a subversive world of storytelling. In a playful odyssey through mouth, stomach, lungs and beyond, Scott balances his brain and chases his heart, while trying to keep up with the person sitting across from him on a date. Always physical, visceral and raw work. Scott loves using space in unique ways, travel, movement and the power of words. 

    Year: 2018          Project Type: Art Direction, Branding, Marketing Collaterals, Photoshoot, Photo Editing.

  • Powerful Intimacy
    Personal Connection
  • The story of a heart escaping, 
    a brain that follows it and a body 
    trying to contain them both....
  • His brain doesn't 
    agree with him & his 
    heart wants to escape...
  • “In his hands, or words, 
    it becomes a dynamic fusion of spoken word, physical theatre, comedy and poetry” 
    Broadway Baby
  • Artist/Performer: Scotty Wings
    Graphic Design: Vy Ray
    Photos: Bill Lowe, Vy Ray
    Producer: Morgan Little