AIM by Mia

    AIM by Mia

    Once upon a time in year 2017, Mia Ehrnrooth was trying to find the perfect pair of socks: great quality, high fashion design and feel, comfortable material, a pair that doesn’t go soggy after one use, and all of this at an affordable price. Mia searched and searched, turned upside down every single rock on her way and opened every single magazine store, only to realize, that the perfect sock didn’t exist. It was time to aim forward and aim higher - it was time to create the AIM sock. She called Snask to join in as a part of the brand and the team.

    THE CASE:​​​​​​​
    The real aim of the brand is to create the perfect sock for any occasion, one by one. This project was made to launch the fashion brand with a fun and quirky twist. We also used the founder and CEO Mia as the main protagonist and that way making the brand revolve around her persona, ambition and drive.

    Check out these amazing socks here:

    Agency: Snask
    Client: AIM by Mia​​​​​​​
    Photography: Per Björklund