Klarna - Cultural Calendar

    Klarna - Cultural Calendar

    Klarna is a modern bank with the goal of making it easier for people to shop online. There main message is to make peoples life more "smoooth".  Our task was to come up with creative solutions for communicating online shopping and special calendar days while linking them to Klarnas "smoooth" messages. The films should also clearly follow Klarnas design direction and needed to be adaptable to different markets.

    Our solution was to create fun unexpected situations that felt "smoooth" while adding humor and storytelling around the calendar day. We created everything from idea and script to art direction and film direction. With Singles Day we wanted to celebrate the power of being a single person. Showing a person that is free to make her own decision on how to have the best romantic dinner. The peach is all about "bringing comfort to holiday shopping", basically sitting comfy while at the same time taking care of business online. All in the smooothest way possible. 

    Agency: Snask
    Client: Klarna
    Music by Darwood Music