TOZ Group Architecture: Visual Identity

  • TOZ Group: Visual Identity

    TOZ Group is a design firm in Perth, Australia focusing on architecture, urban planning and industrial design. They offer solutions on infrastructure design problems and allows both employees and clients to be involved in the process from ideation to construction. 

    The firm is newly established and TOZ Group’s Creative Director, Alexis Torres Ortiz approached me to create a visual identity that represents what they stand for. 

    I undertook this identity project which included the design of a new logotype, typographic system and the interface of a new website. Taking cues from TOZ Group’s values on sustainability in architecture, the new identity was built around a colour scheme inspired by raw earth materials. 
  • Inspired by industrial and brutalist architecture, the ‘TOZ’ logotype, especially the ‘O’ takes principles found in urban architecture such as symmetry and minimalism. The counter of the O represents the shape of a modern door. 

    The ‘GROUP’ logotype is a modified version of Sporting Grotesque and indicates how the architecture firm has a humanistic approach rather than the rigid rules found in geometric typefaces.
  • The condensed header typeface was chosen as a connection to the fact that TOZ Group Architects worked in urban planning (apartments and metropolitan offices) which requires making the best use of restricted spaces in cities.
    Design Direction: Noel Emmanuel
    Year: 2018
    Client: TOZ Group Australia
    Photos: Unsplash
    Typeface (Open Font Licensed): TeX Gyre Heros + modified version of Sporting Grotesque

    Thank you for viewing!