• 4B—KM, 4 billion kilometres, is a reference to the distance between the earth and the most distant source of sound the channel broadcasts. That sound is a recording of various planets by Voyager 1, captured as it passed the planets, NASA then transformed that data into sound, allowing you to listen to a planet 4 billion kilometres away.
  • The design is centred around the sun, just like the planets in our solar system which orbit the sun. There are three different visuals.

    Firstly as you can not directly look at the sun, the design replicates the overexposure you experience when you look directly at the sun and the shapes and colours you’ll see when you look back again. Then the last visual is the sun as how we can not see it with our bare eyes. Repetitiveness as a theme in the design mirrors the repetitiveness of the sound. Next to these colours, the greys are built from a percentage of black, like the shadow the sun casts through the day; just like how the radio channel operates, starting its new cycle every day.

    The flag is a reference to the American flag on the moon, which is about 90x150 cm, the flag for this project is 100x150 cm so the black 10 cm border is a reference to space. 
  • Website for 4B-KM