• AUR Body is a start-up from California. AUR Bodys CBD Hemp Oil is all natural. It can be used to soothe aches, calm nerves, and ease pains in a safe, non-prescription, non-addictive way. The request of the client and founder Dori Light was to introduce this product as a serious alternative way to ease pain. At the same time she wanted to avoid the typical weed cliche in the visual appearance. Our goal was it to find the right balance between a serious and clean branding with a twist of fun. Another important aspect for the branding was to show the natural power of this product. So i decided with the client to create a set of unique icon illustration that play with the symbolics of natural power, like water, the moon, the sun, the universe. In contrast to this fun icons i choose a clean and bold Logotype and a classic composition on the label design. The logo type comes with an icon too. It shows a jar where a hemp plants grows in. That way we introduce the hemp plant and avoid the typical weed leaf. 

    Packaging and Branding by Lilly Friedeberg, Co-Founder of Designstudio B.O.B
    Photography by Marianne Taylor
    Client: Dori Light, Founder of AUR Body