SPAM ME Thesis and Documentation Book

  • Over three Years ago some really random Spam Mail landed in my semi-important e-mail account. It said in German "From: Just today!  Subject: For free! a pair of socks" 

    That Mail made we wonder. Is that how scam traps are looking today? Is that what the weak point of today's society? A pair of nice warm socks?

    So, I did what every normal would do. I saved these kinds of Spam Mails. Over the Years I had a had enough to make my Bachelor Thesis about Spam. 

    The first half of this Book I analyse Spam Mails and develop a realization what today's Spam is telling us about our society. Why do´s Spam exist and why is it the way it is?  A scientific work.

    In the second half is the documentation about what I did with the Spam Mails and how the whole Project SPAM ME developed.

    My Mentors for this Project were:
    1. Prof. Jürgen Huber
    2. Carsten Giese