The Hive Breakout Room At Irish Life, Dublin

  • Irish life wanted a breakout room unlike anything that they had done before. The brief was flexible and open with only the name of the room set in stone; the hive. The name chosen by the company inspired me to pursue this as a concept. The design is based on the hexagon as the main language form throughout.
  •  The Breakout room was to be an escape for the day to day work environment within the second floor in the Irish Life building. The concept focused on playfulness and mindfulness as ways of creating a room that would help staff members relax thus creating an environment where co-workers could become friends. The main requests surrounded pool, ping pong table, and an air hockey table. Two monitors were required so that the room could also be used for presentations that will be given to approximately 30 people.
  • Pop art was introduced via two illustrations, one evokes an energy, and to illustrate the companies roots in Dublin. The latter was achieved by installing screen prints from local artists, Jando design. 12 Dublin landmarks have a place one the wall which create a discussion point as well as introducing new employees to visit different parts of the city.

  • 8 large windows flow along the hallway. Originally these windows had a grey vinyl attached which did not speak the language of  the new design. It was however important to break the view lines from inside the room to outside. This was achieved by introducing a ‘ball pit wall’. 60 mm plastic balls were sandwiched between two pains of glass creating a bright colourful, fun wall that creates a fun talking point both inside and outside the room.
  • Bespoke Mid Century Inspired Couches accompanied by the living wall
  •  The TV wall house 22 stools that nestle into hexagonal housings that are permanently fixed to the wall. This is an excellent space saving techniques as well as being bright and colourful when the stools are in place. When a presentation or meeting is taking place, the stools simply slide out allowing everyone to have a seat during the discussions.

  • Bespoke Breakfast Bar with custom made high hex stools
  • From a personal perspective, the introduction of some famous furniture pieces were important. The Vernor Panton S chair is an important piece of furniture as its development pushed the bounders for what plastics could do in the post war era. Other famous pieces introduce  were the Eero Saarinen tulip tables, as again,these pieces are important artefacts in the history of design.
  • Concept Renders