• N U R S E R Y
    D E S I G N
    illustration & exterior design
  • I worked together with L'Art architect studio on the exterior design of a new nursery in the city of Örkény. We were inspired by the surrounding environment, namely a pine tree alley front of the future nursery. My idea was to create a forest atmosphere with animals and plants where the children can play and relax. The design had to be simple yet effective so it can be laser cut from metal and placed on the facade of the building. Below you can see the illustrations and the 3D visualisation of the nursery.
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     Watch the video to get the feeling of the nursery!

  • Video: Ferenc Hallgató​​​​​​​

  • T H A N K  Y O U
  • Client: Örkény City
    Architecture: L'Art studio (Ligetvári István, Ligetvári Dorottya)
    3D visualisation: Hallgató Ferenc
    Illustration: Sásdi Laura