SOMFHHB Type Posters

  • SOMFHHB - Some of my favorite hard hitting bangers. 
    An ongoing personal project of mine where I combine two things that I love - type and heavy music. 
    And please, have a listen.

  • Thank you!

  • Song list 

    The Things You Own End Up Owning You - Stray From The Path
    Horsemeat - Cigarette
    Oxygen - Oh, Sleeper
    Defenseless - Texas In July
    Choke - Counterparts
    Everyone Looks So Good From Here - Underoath
    Thieves - Counterparts
    Empire - August Burns Red
    Necessary Death - End
    Diamonds Aren't Forever - Bring Me The Horizon
    Four Walls - While She Sleeps
    Early Grave - Architects