Boniface choco&cocoa store

  • 2018

    logo, identity, illustrations, posters, packaging & other goodies:)
    the goal was to create a very flexible identity which adapts on demands (events, new countries-partners etc) with the accent on coloroful posters and packaging, so i decided to make it vintage+60' like style to get that kind of vibration and variety that was needed 

    Boniface choco&cocoa is a chocolate store that aims to support local african cocoa farmers from Congo, Tanzania and Cameroon and promote chocolate culture. Boniface store is focused on quality of products and their fineness so it propose 2 range of chocolate and cocoa: dark and extra dark chocolate. 
    Boniface is not only a simple store, it is also a place to be, place that give vibes in the world of chocolate. It organise events, music sessions and festivals. 
    A store is named after a super funny and kind little lion who loves acrobatics, hard work, african culture and his grandmother:)
    Enjoy a true cocoa story with a touche of 60's Boniface style;)
  • special extra dark series and a basic series of chocolate

  • Board game 'One day with Boniface' that helps to discover all range of chocolate types in the store