Trato Retrato Book


    A study comparing the origins of natural creation and contemporary artistic practice results as a form of editorial experience in 'Trato Retrato'. The concept of creation is viewed as a methodological process which reflects on aspects presented also in the origin of organic elements. To understand what one can mean by involuntary creation there should be the primal understanding of truly uncontrollable creations. However when we speak on the artistic community and discuss on what can be portrayed as involuntary creation, a burst of unexpected questions all seem to arise. In this book, the contrasting dialogues on these subjects of origin and construction make you wonder about the meaning of the word creation in many of its contexts.

    The paramount inspiration for the concept of this book is the methodology process involved in the act of creation. All the imagery seen throughout the book is especially made in order to relate more to the philosophical debate present in the texts. Maintaining a certain theoretical approach, the illustrations along with the photographs enlighten in parallel the different interpretations of the authors in the book. Printed on 100 gsm coarse recycled paper, 80 gsm matte anthracite paper, ISO A5 size. 

  • Porto, Portugal