Madách square, student competition

  •    The Madách square is situated in the center of Budapest, and now used as a parking area. Our proposal was designed for a student competition.
       Our goal was to create a multipurpose square, that fits in the existing environment. For that reason we wanted mostly a covered place. On the other hand, creating more greenery in the downtown is also necessary.We combined this two needs and introduced a new pavement. We separeted the pavement blocks and vegetation grows in these gaps. After defining the functional areas, we modify the size of the blocks according to the usage of the space. The gap starts to get wider, or thighter so we get more or less vegetation. So that way place can be a homogenius as a flat covered square, while the green vegetation appears as well. The pieces can be covered by water or not, it depends on the use of the square.
  • the pattern of the surrounding building transforms into concrete pavement