• Look Development is one of my favorite part in CG production. 
    I got an opportunity to work with our Buck Sydney office for shaping the look of some of the characters. They have different personalities and I enjoyed bringing them to life! 

    Please enjoy these cute spots :) 
  • These are the print renders for these characters. 
  • I also worked on some probs look development and base shaders. After I was done with the first pass, I passed on these assets to the team in Sydney.
  • Here are some testing for materials. 
  • Our art directors are very dedicated in making material sheets for this project. For each character, I will have a reference sheet like this and I will follow these directions for creating the materials. Our goal is to make these characters as believable as possible, so look development process play an important role in production. 

    Creative Director: Gareth O'Brien
    Executive Producer: Erica Ford
    Associate Creative Director: Lucas Brooking
    Producer: Jordan Howes
    Art Director: Luke Saunders
    CG Lead: Michael Lampe
    Design: Lucas Brooking, Luke Saunders, Glen Miralles, Lara Lee, Josh Edwards, Mathijs Luijten, Sam Scopelliti
    2D Animation: Mathijs Luijten, Sam Scopelliti, William Pietsch
    Lead Modeler: Elijah Akouri
    Modelling: Arvid Volz, Joy Tien, Greg Petchkovsky, Damien Lam, Nicole Padilha
    Look Development: Elijah Akouri, Michael Lampe, Joy Tien, Angela Sae Lam
    Rigging Supervisor: Ernesto Ruiz Velasco
    Rigging: Ernesto Ruiz Velasco, Alex Bahena, Alex Mann, Jing Huang
    3D Animation: Ben Hubbard, Alex Karonis, Lawrence Jet Wong
    Lighting: Michael Lampe, Elijah Akouri, Chuong Vu
    Compositing: Michael Lampe, Chuong Vu, Elijah Akouri
    Music and Sound: Rumble Studios
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