Laissez moi cultiver mon jardin — Franco Maria Ricci

    Volume 1 — Oltre l'effimero
    Volume 2 — Produzione editoriale

    The project investigates the work of Franco Maria Ricci: graphic designer, collector and Italian publisher. The research consists of two volumes, the first examines the various human and professional aspects of FMR through a selection of images, texts and articles collected from one year of research in archives, libraries and publications. The second volume concentrates on the editorial production of the FMR publishing house, deepening each series with images and texts, making an accurate historical and technical analysis, putting together the largest collection of images that has been made of his work.

    March 2018

    ISIA Urbino
    MA in communication and design for publushing
    Corso di progettazione per l'editoria
    Supervision: Leonardo Sonnoli, Irene Bacchi

    Editorial project and layout: Lorenzo Feliciani, Matteo Palù
    Photos: Labirinto della Masone, Franco Maria Ricci Editore
    Texts: Lorenzo Feliciani, Matteo Palù
    Articles: archive research

    Edition: 6 copies
    Printing: indigo digital
    Format: 15,5 x 23 cm 
    Binding: milled paperback
    Number of pages: 122 + 262
    Paper: Heaven 290 gr/m3 – 130 gr/m3,
    Font: Parmigiano Ltd by Jonathan Pierini and Riccardo Olocco, Typotheque