Mission: Fantasy – Experimental Illustrations

  • Mission: Fantasy – Experimental Illustrations

  • In the last couple of month, I more and more noticed that slightly lost the possibility to think out of the box and that I’m having problems to create free fanciful compositions. I had the feeling that I lost a part of my childish fantasy. I’m still not sure what are the reasons for that fact. Maybe my on advertising focused study or the briefings of my commissions, I really don’t know.

    In my opinion, fantasy and creativity go hand in hand, so I had a major problem that I needed to fix. 
    After a while, I remembered a creative technic I had to use back in the days at school. It helped me a lot to create free and fanciful concepts and compositions. I don’t know the name but basically, it works like this: 
    Close your eyes – draw some random lines – try to find some interesting shapes, elements, whatever by looking at the random lines – sketch them out and go on. After having the sketch done I go-ahead in Adobe Illustrator vectorizing the shapes and finally add some textures and light in Adobe Photoshop. By the way, for the shadows, textures, and highlights I used Kyle T. Websters amazing brushes which are included in Photoshop.

    This way to work is so much fun and never get boring. For me, it was the perfect solution to learn to create fanciful compositions and also a possibility to try out something new. Down below you will find some of the results – Enjoy.

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