LG brandshop identity guidelines 3.0

  • On January 2017, LG Electronics has announced new brand intent to accelerate itspremium 
    brand image. LG's goal was to refine its brand communication structure to efficientlyexpress 
    LG's brand vision "Life's Good" to it's customers by candidly analyzing LG's position in the market and integrating new strategic structures according to LGness. Under this new communication frame (LGness), Shop Identity 3.0 developed to integrate LGness and present a new standard for 
    its stores.

    To give the guide of Shop Design development and Management, LG Electronics develops 
    the Shop Identity Guidelines 3.0. This guideline is used by In-store Marketer of LG Electronics 
    and related person who work for LG’s In-store environment globally.


    Designer : Im Sung Hwan, Choi Jeong Moon
    Period : 2018.06