Par Odin! - Board game development

  • PAR ODIN is a french dice game created by Antonin Boccara and developed by Old Chap games. I had the chance of make the visual development for this dice game: character design, Illustrations , icons, logo and more! Based on the Norse mythology, You are a mighty warrior  who arrived to the inn of the Gods in Valhalla. You will meet the four major gods ODIN, FRIGG, THOR and LOKI, everyone of them will present you different challenges. Your mission? Beat them in their own game! You will have 50 challenges!
     Hope you enjoy the epicness and madness of this game and my artwork! 

    All the artworks are property of Old Chap Games

  • Character illustration
  • Odin -  God of Healing, Death and Knowledge
  • Frigga - Goddess  of the sky, fertility, motherhood, love, marriage.
  • Thor - God of lightning, thunder, and storms
  • Loki - The sneaky and trickster god
  • The Dwarf - The  innkeeper
  • Sketch Exploration
  •   Design
  • Logo Design
  • Dices icons
  • Manual cover
  • Packaging