FX Logo IDs

  • FX Logo Show Idents

  • Plastic wrap, boiling water, paper, a hairdryer and literally
    the kitchen sink.

    When brainstorming how to approach this spec project - creating three separate 3 second logo spots for any network - I knew choosing FX would require me to take a different approach to the motion design problem at hand. FX is a network whose shows have made a habit of not shying away from aggressive, gritty or "out there" subject matter.

    Therefore, what better way to call out each show in just 3 seconds than by immersing the iconic FX logo in tangible, textural environments that directly link to each show?

  • The FX logo was printed, roughened up and placed on green screen. I used a hair dryer to simulate wind ruffles and shot the logo from above using a RED Camera.