Fundar.ru is an online store of gifts and goods for the holiday. The company employs professional florists,
    aero designers, holiday decoration specialists. Fundar has his own delivery network, in which orders
    are delivered by polite and attentive couriers. Fundar's goal is to give attention signs in person,
    to help people be closer to each other, create sincere joy and good mood.

    Brand idea:

    A gift and a celebration is given on a special occasion, therefore a person who
    Receives a gift - this is the star of the day! Fundar gives people the opportunity to quickly
    and easily organize a holiday for the everyone's beloved star of the day.
    Also, as a symbol, a star is a small reference to the versatility of goods.
    and services that are presented on the website of the online store, Star is the best choice.

    Art Direction: Ruslan Avgust

    Illustrator:  Eugene Sazonov

    Designer: Ruslan Avgust