• Here are few quick projects done for the Render Weekly Challenge. The idea here was to focus on these aspects -

    1. Quick ideation and execution.
    2. Experimenting with various forms and overall details.
    3. Go nuts with the CMF and render styles.

    Keyboard. (Here I wanted to give this detailed keyboard a fresh CMF with a combination of metal and transparency. Pushed myself to try more realistic lighting and materials, while still keeping things a little crazy).

  • Hammer. (The goal was to keep the design minimal and to the point, while also making it feel less industrial and cold).

  • Old School Sharpener - A redesign of an old school sharpener. The idea was to keep the form minimal and exciting using transparency and gradient. 

  • Earphones (inspired from the era of Art Deco).

  • Neon Sign. (let's stay in bed)

  • Lamp. (Translucent is the new black. A pendant light design with three different levels of translucence to showcase the interplay of light with glass.) 

  • Water Bottle. (The idea behind the design was to create a unique opening for the bottle with a hinge mechanism. It also has a beautiful seamless texture on the sides for better grip).

  • Bento Box. (Inspired from the vertical stacking system of the Mumbai 'or Indian' tiffin system, this concept has been treated with a clean and minimal look. The magnetic top and bottom of the design aligns and snap fits all the boxes without the need of an external lock. A textured silicon band wrapped around it as a holder. There is also a neat little compartment for your chopsticks.

  • Hoverboard. (Stormtrooper from Star Wars inspired CMF for one of the early hoverboard designs for a client. The theme of this challenge for black and white.)

  • Chair. (Came across a lot of consumer electronics inspired from Dieter Rams, thought of doing some furniture design / CMF inspired by products from Braun.)

  • Toothbrush. (The idea here was to keep the shape simple and explore the grip area. Have used the a jelly like soft translucent material as a grip).

  • Analog Watch. (The idea behind the design was to create a watch with floating indices and a gradient glow / lume around the dial for viewing in the dark).

  • Thanks for watching!