Doublevee Mixed Drinks

  • Doublevee Mixed Drinks
    Packaging Design
  • Student project
    This project required us to design a logo for a non-alcoholic or alcoholic beverage and its packaging - a can - that would not look to overly ordinary, and would stand out. Instead of one design, I designed five different cans with different yet similar patterns,making a series of drinks.

    The Logo:

    The logo was originally “W” for “Wineco”, since my first idea was to create a brand that produces wine, but then I realized that no one would want to buy wine packaged in a can (duh). The only alcoholic beverages in a can that may actually sell are party drinks - hence the whiskey&cola, gin&tonic, juice&vodka and other mixed, “party” and club drinks. Although I switched from a brand that sells wine to a brand that sells mixed drinks, I did not change the “W” - it fit just perfect in the overall design, unlike any other letters. That is why I chose the name Doublevee - a name that sounds better than “double-u”and has a quirky and somewhat sophisticated feel to it.

    The Look:

    I wanted the look to be playful, elegant and somewhat luxurious. I thought that these vibrant patterns won’t only stand out on the store or bar shelves, but also draw consumers’ attention, promising a quality drink and, overall, a fun time. 
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