Inktober 2018: MobidiTea

  • Inktober 2018: MorbidiTea
    For Inktober 2018, I decided to combine two of my favourite things; tea and skulls, into a series I'm calling 'MorbidiTea'. Each illustration involves a skull along with the flower or plants that are used to make a specific kind of tea. I plan on making a book of the pieces at a later date and all of the originals are for sale. Contact me for more information! 
  • Day 1: Earl Grey with a Ram Skull
  • Day 2: Peppermint with a Skunk Skull
  • Day 3: Rooibos with a Giraffe Skull

  • Day 4: Hibiscus with a Black Bear Skull
  • Day 5: Chamomile with a Bison Skull
  • Day 6: Greenthread with a Coyote Skull
  • Day 7: Dandelion with a Chameleon Skull
  • Day 8: Licorice with a Musk Deer / Fanged Deer Skull 
  • Day 9: Catnip Tea with a Common House Feline Skull
  • Day 10: Lemon with a Four Horned Antelope Skull
  • Day 11: Genmaicha with a Mole Skull
  • Day 12: Vanilla Pu-erh with a Porcupine Skull
  • Day 13: Cherry Zinger with a Macaw Skull
  • Day 13: Masala Chai with a Snapping Turtle Skull
  • Day 15: Rose Hip with a Red Fox Skull
    M I C A L E A D A W N . C O M