Esthétique Milk, Packaging

    Scientists have proved that listening to music makes cows thrilled thus produce more milk. This fictional product comes with more advantage. At Key Farm, where Esthétique Milk is manufactured, not only a theater but a museum is opened specifically for the cows and let them immerse in the art.

    Hence, this 100% Esthétique Milk will boost your aesthetic and creativity to a great extend!

    The main challenge is to create a design that instantly understandable and appealing for children and their parents who being interested in the art or seeking for creativity boost.

    Transforming the entirely packaging into a museum with a unique parody of famous painting for each milk flavor, the illustration surely makes the product stand out from the competitors and communicate to the consumers.

  • Esthétique Milk introduces 12 flavors which names are the combination of the original art piece’s title and flavor itself including 1% Dance, 2% Gothic, Skim Monroe, Whole Dream, Lactose-free Man, Orange Son, Lisa Chocolate, Banana Scream, Vanilla Portrait, Strawberry Earring, Eggnog Monument, Sesame Spheres.