Bogyólé | Vylyan Wine label concept

  • B O G Y Ó L É  |  V Y L Y A N  –  W I N E  L A B E L  C O N C E P T

    Bogyólé is a really interesting kind of wine. The grapes are fermented in whole clusters excluding oxygen so the liquor is born inside the berries. I wanted to emphasize this unique process and the special qualities of this juice with my design.

    The marbling on the front label syombolizes the fresh whirling flavors of the two kinds of grapes [Zweigelt 85%, Portugieser 15%] mixing together, giving the perfect taste of "Bogyólé".

    The positioning of the label extends the bottle vertically, making it elegant and simple, this look is complemented with the clean matte black cap.

    Competition  V Y L Y A N  B O G Y Ó L É  2 0 1 8
    Typeface  L I B E R T A D  by  Fernando Díaz

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