Tropical Beach - iOS & Android Mobile Game

  • Tropical Beach - Mobile Game

    Platform: iOS, Android             No. of Players: 50 players, Board game, Party game   Engine: Unity 3D

  • My role: Art Direction, Visual style design, 3d Modeling, Character design & Animation, UI design, 2D Art (assets, textures, icons) etc.​​​​​​​

  • Become master of the minigames
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    that use .io mechanics in many different ways!

  • Meet characters
  • Gameplay
    Knock other players off the stage with your unique crazy avatar.
    Become bigger and stronger!

    You must be the last on the map to win!

  • Real-Time PVP
    Compete against 50 players from around the world in real time

  • Thanks for viewing :)
    Hope you enjoyed it!