“中國白.哲選” 位於中國瓷都-德化縣,致力於陶瓷產品開發及共享品牌經營,集結各領域、地區人才集聚一堂,一起創造美好事物,美好生活從瓷開始。

    Based in the Porcelain Capital of China-Dehua County, “China White · Zesee” is dedicated to the development of ceramic products and the management of shared brand. It brings together talents from all fields and regions to create beautiful things and make wonderful life begin with porcelain.

  • 飲茶為東方人代表性的文化,茶具與生活習習相關。“豬事圓滿杯” 延續傳統精髓融入現在生活,整合傳統茶具的機能與造型,將茶杯與茶壺一體的收納設計,提升產品使用的機動性,即時享受飲茶、分享歡樂時光。

    Tea Drinking is a representative Eastern culture and tea sets are closely related to life. "Piggy the Perfect” travel tea set continues the essence of tradition into modern life and integrate the function and shape of the traditional tea set. The compact storage design of integrated tea cups and the teapot enhances the portability of the product. So, people can enjoy tea at any time and share happy hours with others.
    Inspired by the plump shape of pigs, "Piggy the Perfect” travel tea set, as a gift for festivals, is endowed with the blessing of harvest and abundance.

  • 選用德化優質高齡土在一千三百度燒製,由於瓷土含鐵量低含鉀量高,燒成後外觀恬靜溫潤溫潤,質地剔透透光
    As it is made from high-quality kaolin clay of Dehua which is low in iron and high in potassium, after fired at 1300℃,
    the appearance turns out to be glassy and the texture is translucent.

  • 包裝概念則以“豬事圓滿杯”延伸,以茶為中心,用生活編織回憶。

    The concept of packaging is extended by the “Piggy the Perfect” travel tea set, which is full and round, with tea as the center and weaving life with memories.


  • Award
    "何朝宗杯"2018 中國 茶具工業設計大賽-銅獎

    統籌規劃 Coordinator         /姜 竣議 Adam Jiang

    產品設計  Product design   /姜 竣議 Adam Jiang、楊 滄濃 TN Yang 

    包裝 Package Design         /黃 柏熹 BC Huang
    攝影 Photography 
    動態Motion Design

    特別感謝 Special thanks     /德化陶瓷產業創新發展研究 D.C.I.I.D.P.I
                                                   基盛印刷 四哥
                                                   東玖紙業 小葉哥