36 Days of kinetic Type

  • 36 Days of Type

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    36 Days of Type
    Exploration of Shapes, Colors and Motion.
    36 Days of Kinetic Type is a project to explore shapes, color and motion in case of our alphabet.
    A great celebration of creative techniques and interaction with type. Dedicated to the joy of moving
    pictures and the constant to mesmerise our perception. The goal was to create concepts for moving playful
    typography close to different basic geometric shapes and color. Move, morph, replace, appear and
    disappear. This project is part of my personal exploration in motion design and I hope you will enjoy it 
    as much as I did it in the creative process. So lean back and take a look at 10 Numbers and 26 Letters.
    Feast your eyes at the holistic shape of every letter and number but also consider the motion and
    interaction what is in between the frames.
    Thank You!

  • Thank you!
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