• Cinese, architecture studio

    Cinese is an architectural and design studio operating in the city of Porto Velho. Today he serves clients in the areas of architecture, interior design, lighting projects, architecture consulting and construction supervision. Behind the mark are 03 young architects, who together unfold to ensure a personalized service for each of their clients.

    Architects believe that constant evolution is an intrinsic point of what the brand stands for. Cinese transforms the lives of its customers through architecture.

    The target audience of the brand is parked between classes A and B, with no predominant sex or age. It is an audience that seeks exclusivity, natural of those who look for an architect.

    Cinese brand should contain the following values: security, confidence, modernity, elegance and minimalism.

    Cinese comes from the greek verb kinéo, means movement, change.

    Art Director . Viktor Navorsky
    Designer . João Marcos / Viktor Navorsky
    Year . 2018
    Porto Velho & São Paulo, Brazil.