The Acrossing - Pamphlets

  • editorial design, illustration, 2018
  • The Acrossing pamphlet 是一系列介紹不同飲食文化的小書,書中提供了目的地的飲食文化資訊,以簡單的形式帶讀者去認識和了解不同文化背景下產生的飲食習慣和姿態。
  • The Acrossing Pamphlet is a book to introduce eating cultures in different countries. It channeled the information about eating cultures from the destination with simple design, bringing passengers to understanding more eating habits and pattern stems from countries.
  • Cover
  • Inside Page
  • Specification:

    Printing: Ink-jet printing, white printing
    Paper: The Tube Chalk 120gsm (inside), The Tube Chalk 340gsm (cover, back cover)
    Blinding: Saddle-stitched Blinding
    Size: 155mm(W) x 107mm(H)
    Language:  Traditional Chinese, English