Folks from Kerala

  • Folks from Kerala” is about the living souls from Kerala. I was born and brought up in Kerala, a state in southern India.
    Kerala is a multicultural state where people from all ethnicities and religions live together in peace and harmony. I have come across several people from these cultures throughout my childhood. My project aims to illustrate these characters and bring their story to life. I have tried using a different colour palette and subtle variation in style for each piece.

  • S A T H Y A N
    A lifetime affair.​​​​​​​
  • S H A A N T H A
    Her nights are long
  • N A R A Y A N I
    Her relentless life
  • M A A L U
    Of leisure walks and day-dreaming

  • A A M I N A
    Mother of goat

  • M O O S A
    The peace founder

  • B I N D U
    And her never ending chores

  • V I J A Y A N
    Fearless of hard work

  • T H R E S I A
    The long wait

  • S U J A T H A
    And her need for independence

  • A P P U
    The great secrets of happiness.
  • M A T H A Y I
    Generous beyond measure
  • C H I N N U
    Full of mischief

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