The brand was created for girls who think that beauty should be fun, easy, imperfect, personal and real. Oh!Tomi is new way of thinking about beauty products. It is not about covering up and being someone you’re not. The brand’s core values are authenticity, freshness and playfulness. Our brand identity is based on pastel colors, playful typography and custom emoji/icons which altogether create a cute and happy world.

    Our fields of service include: 
    Naming / Branding & Identity / Typography /  Packaging Design / Web design
    Product photo-shoot / Beauty Video / Copy writing

    Design: Tato Studio
    Title: OH!TOMI
    Client: Abriga
    Year: 2017 / 2018

  • Dreams

    The first collection was based on visions from a dream. We focused on funky illustrations to create a summer, easy-going and a little absurd vibe to show our view of OH!TOMI World. Each of the juicy scents of these beauty products has own goofy emoji. On a product photo shoot, we also took care of keeping the nonsensical mood alive.

  • OH!TOMI Wishes

    The second collection that we designed for OH!TOMI brand is all about coziness. 
    An inspiration for us for a packaging design was long winter evenings.

  • Packaging for client
    For us the most important thing is to make an excellence first impression. That's why we pay attention to details for send-packaging.

  • Photoshoot
    The next step of the brand design was to create a beauty photoshoot and video. Our role as art directors was to write scenario, design scenography, and coordinate other creators to make magic happen.

  • Backstage & process

  • Credits:
    Production & art direction: TATO studio
    Photoshoot director: Justyna Dudek & Jerzy Dudek
    Stylist: Marta Dudziak
    MUA: Kasia Biały
    Hair: Kamil Pecka
    Lighting: Robert Kuliś
    Models: Wiktoria Krzepkowska, Julia Giemza, Natalia Kozanecka
    Montage & color: Adam Rotnicki
    Backstage: Grzegorz Hospod
    Product photos: Przemyslaw Pochylski 
    Logo design: Piotr Buczkowski
    Branding: Tato studio
    Illustrations and product design: Maja Krajewska