Lucja #1

  • Story: Slawomir Zajaczkowski
    Art: Me

    Lucja (pronounce Lucya) is a high-octane roller coaster adventure taking place in a dystopian, dusty place filled with deadly gangs. The title character is a lone warrior girl who must embark on a journey to find meaning in her life...

    I had the supreme honor to work with Slawomir Zajaczkowski on this comicbook. The first part of the story, presented here, was published in Polish comic magazine Komiks i My (Eng. Comics & Us). This was truly a fantastic experience and a dream project for me. Especially because I always loved the mad-max'ish / postapo atmosphere. And I've got almost free hand with most of the visual stuff. Absolute fun! Blessed to have such amazing projects and clients to work for.

    Next parts of Lucja coming soon!
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