Titan World. Real-time turn-based Strategy Game for iOS

  • Titan World is Real-time, Turn-based Strategy Game by Glu Mobile. 2018
    My role: 2D Art Lead, Lead UI & UX Designer, Artist
  • Welcome to Titan World, a place where rising Titans compete in competitive turn-based matches filled with endless strategy. Challenge powerful Titans aspiring to outsmart and dominate the competition and make it to the top of the Titan League. Draft new units and upgrade their abilities to create battle-tested game plans leading to victory. Win matches, compete in tournaments with your team, gain new fans, and rise up the ranks to cement your legacy in the Titan League.

    Titan World available in the App store

  • Units
  • 1.Laser Turret    2.Spider Swarm   3.Tornado   4.B.E.A.S.T.   5.Omega

  • Gameplay

  • Real-time, Turn-Based Battles
    Place your units, attack your opponent, and destroy their base within 5 rounds. 
    Strategize Your Game Plan
    Create strategic unit formations on the field to play offense or defense against your opponent.
    Unleash Your Ultimate Abilities
    Drag and release your Ultimate ability onto the battlefield in real-time. Choose from 7+ Ultimate abilities ranging from Chain Lightning to area of effect healing. Use Ultimates that fit your play style to unleash your own unique strategy.
    Draft Your Units
    Recruit and upgrade your roster of units possessing anti-air, area of effect damage, multi-unit targeting characteristics and even unit-specific special abilities.
    Become the Greatest of All Time
    Move up the league standings, lead a team of Titans, and become the legendary Titan everyone wants on their team.
    Dominate the Titan League Now!
    Rise up the fame tiers and gain a fan following with each victory in the Titan League.

  • Team Characters

  • As UI & UX Lead I designed:
    1.Clan system  2.Clan event system   3.Shop + Offers & Special Offers system  + Global UX Flow improvements

  • Clan System & Clan Event System

  • Shop

  • Splash Screen

  • Our team worked really hard to make this game, 
    so we hope that you enjoy it!
  • All Images from Titan World are copyrighted 2018 by Glu Mobile. 
    Use without permission strictly prohibited!