• Student work
    Task 1. 
    Create a logo for the chosen designer chair,  which maximally reflects the image of the chair. 
    It should give the idea of the chair from the first look upon it. 
    Task 2. 
    Create a layout of the magazine. Design and page layout should transfer the character of the chair, telling about it, relying on the chosen logo. Design should reflect the type of product and give information about it.
    Task 3. 
    Create a font, based on the logo for the chosen chair.
    Task 4. 
    Create a calendar with the chosen chair. With the help of the numbers show the character of the chair.  The main thing is the character of the image itself.
    Task 5
    Create a pattern, based on the chosen chair.

  • this is my final book, about what happened​​​​​​​
    my graphic story about the chairs

  • Thank you for watching!