Festo! - Board game visual development

  • Festo! is a Belgium board game designed by Arve D. Fühler and developed by Game Brewer creators of other successful franchises like  Pixie Queen and Quimera Station.

    It's a big feast in the magical kingdom of Turinia, where you take on the role of an ever-hungry halfling that goes to the market to gather all sorts of wonderful ingredients from elves, dwarfs, pixies, trolls, orcs and wizards, so you can cook up dishes that will have every creature in the kingdom licking their fingers.
    In each of four rounds in Festo!, players try to gather as many ingredients as they can by placing their servants by the different races in the game - but each round consists of two phases in which the players roll three dice that determine whether races are available this turn or not. Some races might be totally unavailable because of this, so players have to decide how many of their servants they want to place during each phase. Once this is done, majorities determine who gets what.
    Who will be the cleverest of all halflings? Play Festo! and find out!

     I had the opportunity to make the visual  development of the game: character design, enviroments, logo and Illustrations and more.
    Hope you enjoy the madness of this game and my artwork! Cheers!

    All the artworks are property of Game Brewer

  • Cover design
  • Box mock-up
  • Player character Design
  • The playable characters of the game are halflings! Choose your character wisely between The Bard, The Peasant, The Hunter, The Knight or The Lady!
  • Board Design
  • Vendors character  Design
  • Each vendor  sells you unique ingredients to cook your dishes and have unique habilities.What do you need? Maybe meat from the Trolls, tasty mushrooms from the Mages, juicy fruits from the Elves, Sweet honney from the Pixies, potatoes from the Dwarfs or spicy condiments from the Orcs.
  • Dishes Tiles
  • The dishes of Festo! Drinks, Desserts, First Courses, Side Dishes, Roasts and Main Dishes
  • Board Complete
  • Event cards
  • The event cards of Festo! These will shake up your game every round.
  • Miscellaneous
  • Here are some additional  tiles, victory points, icons, cover tokens and Cards!
  •   Game display
  • Finally all toghether! Setup for a 4-player