Bistro Vallier - Branding & Website

  • Celebrating its 10th anniversary, restaurant Vallier, located in the heart of Old Montreal, decided to refresh its look.

    Branding, Strategy, Collaterals, Illustrations, Website Design & Development, Photography

    Phoenix, the Creative Studio was mandated to design a range of items that go hand-in-hand with the new identity of the restaurant–just between France and Quebec, where tartare meets poutine. The Phoenix team started by updating Vallier's old logo. We created a unique symbol, revisiting the famous fleur-de-lys, and expanded the brand with a rustic and modern colour palette of beige, dark grey, green and bronze. From tableware, to napkins and uniforms for the employees, and of course a new website, Phoenix redesigned all aspects of the Vallier experience to bring life to the new branding. In fact, the website was built as a fun and lively experience to give the visitor a glimpse of the new Vallier Bistro Montréalais.​​​​​​​