Bayani Bros Stickers

  • Bayani Bros Stickers

  • Kumu is a Filipino messenger app that aims to bring communities together by unlocking the power of the Philippines. It’s main objective is to expand it into an all-encompassing platform that powers Filipino media, storytelling, community-building, and commerce. A core focus of the platform is localized content -- in particular, localized stickers that capture life and culture across the Philippines. Bayani Bros. Stickers is created to bring to life the heroes of the Philippines through their quotes, expressions and personalities which can be used in daily conversations and at the same time entertain each and every Filipino.

  • Utos ng presidente:
    Wag kalimutan kung bakit walang pasok ngayon araw kung ayaw mo mataga at matawag na punyeta. Maligayang araw ng mga bayanı!

    President’s orders:
    Don’t forget why we are having this holiday today if you don’t want to be stabbed or be called whore. Happy National Heroes Day!