• Fruit sorbet is a useful and tasty dessert, prepared on the basis of italian fruit juice or puree, sweetened with sugar, honey or syrup. After mixing the products, the sorbet is frozen as an ice cream with constant stirring. 

    Sorbetto is an italian homemade startup who running the new product. They enter the market with the following unique tastes: Vanilla Pudding, Tropical Mango and Forest Raspberry. All fruits were carefully transported from nearest farm, tropical ingredients were delivered by close Sorbetto family from Philippines. They don't have chemical additives, so each jar of sorbet could be stored for no more than six days. Sorbetto truly cares about nature, organic food and health, because of it sorbet can be used for food even for small children.

    Client: Sorbetto |  Service: Brand Identity, Package Design 
    Publications: Packaging of The World

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