Visual Identity & Branding for Slice TV. Slice is the destination for unscripted television showcasing big, buzz-worthy personalities and a glimpse into the lifestyles and relationships of the rich and outrageous.

    The new Slice logo is a meaningful brand expression with a purpose: to signal change, to look fresh and stay relevant. It ignites the brand to evolve and acts as a unique graphic signature representing a window into the world of Slice. The logo's outline beam constantly evolves and moves, conveying the energy of the brand. The concept of Slice's new branding is based on the idea of a colourful beam of light, which literally slices and shoots though the brand elements. The result is a very modern and pop brand with bold typography, heavily incorporating show talent into the look.

    Creative Direction: Vince Robles
    Art Director: Bart Sciana
    Animation: Corus Creative Agency
    Lead Design & Logo Design: Ivo Matić

    Project done working @Corus Entertainment 

    FALL 2017