-Air Jet S

    Designed & Produced by Brunt in 2018
    © BRUNT. All rights reserved

  • Air Jet S is designed for personal use. The shape of the Air Jet S was inspired by the jet engine to emphasize a strong wind. Small air purifier with a capacity of 13 m² can be used on the desk or near the bed.

  • The structure of the Air Jet S is simple. Both filter and fan part are separated upward. When you open the cap, you will get a handle to separate the fan. When you remove fan part, the power automatically turns off. After the filter separated, it can be wiped or replaced to new one.

  • Air Jet S can, of course, measure indoor air quality. It also shows outdoor air quality via Wi-Fi. You can experience the performance of the Air Jet S by comparing indoor and outdoor air quality.

  • The fan part of the Air Jet S is designed to be safe. If the fan is removed during operation, the fan returns for a few seconds due to inertia. However, safety bridges at the bottom prevent accidents. Safety bridges are designed to be round to minimize wind resistance.

  • When you remove and assemble the fan part, you can supply power without a cable connection. The magnet built-in pogo pin make it possible to assembl each parts very easily and surely.

  • Small but efficient. The Air Jet S consists of 11 injection parts and two PCBs. The BLDC motor operates at 2100 rpm and has very little noise. Equipped with a top quality air sensor, it can measure more precise air quality and at the same time operate the air purifier correctly.

  • Air Jet S has invested heavily in molds to maintain perfect shape in all directions. 
    With 8 slide core molds, the shadow of the hole can be seen perfectly.

  • It can be placed in user’s personal space like a small flower pot. Air Jet delivers clean air to user from the nearest place of user. Take Air Jet to any places with grabing leather strap.

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