Wireless Charger N/ Valet Tray


    -Wireless Charger N

    -Valet Tray

    Designed & Produced by Brunt in 2018
    © BRUNT. All rights reserved​​​​​​​

    Instead of following the traditional electronic device look, Brunt Fast Wireless Charger N adds special mood to your places with elegantly rounded shape and its material. This wireless charger will make your desk look warm because of its fabric finishing.

  • You can put mobile of all sizes in the center of Wireless Charger N. 
    The size and shape of the charger, which is nor smaller or larger than the mobile, allows the user to place the mobile in the center of the product even though it is unconscious.

  • If you attach the rubber foot to the bottom, the angle of the charger will be 5 degrees. 
    This angle makes it easy for users to use the mobile even during wireless charging.

  • Brunt Valet Tray is an interior accessory that helps you organize your office supplies as well as household items and accessories. A square clip, which can hang watch or bracelet is included.

  • One of the three trays is low in height. You can easily place short products like lipstick or car key. Clips that can hold a watch or bracelet can be installed in any direction on the tray.

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